Election Events - Vote Hamster Sir William Wallace for Lord Mayor of Portsoken on 20 March 2014...

The First Furry in the City of London - 27/02/14 1.00pm
image Sir William Wallace is the first furry mammal to hold public office in the City of London Corporation as the very first Lord Mayor of Portsoken. When Sir William is elected, Portsoken will secede as part of an Independent Scotland. Please vote for Sir William Wallace as your Lord Mayor, and vote for an "Independent" and local non-party-political candidate for Common Councilman - not the Labour candidate.

Campbell-Taylor Caught with Pants Down- 09/03/14 7.30pm

image Professional hypocrite, William Campbell-Taylor, has been caught lying (again) in his election literature, by Councilman Henry Jones and Councilman John Fletcher. Taylor published this flyer and this election statement making false claims of his achievements at the Middlesex Street and Mansell Street Estates. John Fletcher circulated a letter and I published this Open Letter to Taylor.

Wardmote - 19/03/14 5.00pm
image The official Wardmote (candidate hustings) will take place on Wednesday 19 March at 5.00pm at the Artizan Street Library, 1 Artizan St, London E1 7AF.

Polling Day - 20/03/14 8.00am-8.00pm
image The election poll for the City of London Elections in Portsoken Ward will take place on Thursday 20 March between 8.00am and 8.00pm at the Artizan Street Library and Mansell Street Community Centre. Please contact us if you need assistance with transport to get to the polling station. Please vote for an "Independent" non-Labour Party candidate.

Click the link here to listen to mp3 files of some of Muhammad's songs. Click here for an election flyer.